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How to get started with Zoom

Zoom is a powerful online meeting, video conference and screen sharing application that we're investigating the potential benefits and use case of within SPACE10. Its core application is straightforward and simple to use and it integrates well with both Slack and our G Suite. For now, follow the steps below to get started:



Open your inbox and follow the link to create a Zoom account and confirm your trial period.



Download the Zoom client for desktop, your browser and your phone to start using Zoom. Log in with your email and the password you just created.



Go to zoom.us/profile, log in and make sure to upload a profile picture and adjust your informations if necessary.



You are now ready to start a call from anywhere! 📱 To start a call, open your Zoom desktop client, click "Start without video" for instance and and when your room is ready, share the link with the people you would like to have a meeting with. Alternatively, you can invite people by email or your existing contacts.