We call SPACE10 a future-living lab. We set out to explore possible future scenarios, detect potential disruptions, understand global challenges and, most importantly, design for people's dreams and aspirations.

We do this together with an ever growing collaborative network of experts, specialists, designers and other forward thinking partners.

Based on our insights and learnings we continuously strive to design new ways for a better, more meaningful and sustainable life for the many people.

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Open Roles

We don't have any open positions at the moment. We try to keep the team small and collaborate with people on specific projects, so please feel welcome to apply for a residency.



We love to collaborate with our community and one way we do so is by hosting residencies. Please share what you want us to explore together, your skills and your passions, and let's see if we can make something meaningful together. We get a lot of requests and have limited space, so timing is everything. 

Space10Workshop_8_5-(c)-Zinna Brigh Mac-Eochaidh (1).jpg